[row][span4][service_box title=”Safety & Security” icon=”icon1″ text=”Going on vacation?  Learn more about the St. Johns Police Department’s House Watch Program.” btn_size=”normal” icon_link=”/police/current-crime-events/” target=”_self” custom_class=”service-home-main”][/span4][span4][service_box title=”Current Reported Incidents and Crime Events” icon=”icon2″ text=”View information on current arrests, missing and wanted persons, stolen vehicles, active warrants, and press releases.” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self” icon_link=”/police/current-crime-events/” custom_class=”service-home-main”][/span4][span4][service_box title=”Police Patrol” icon=”icon3″ text=”Developing strong relationships with our community is important to us.  Patrol with us to learn more about how we serve St. Johns.” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self” icon_link=”/police/community-programs/” custom_class=”service-home-main”][/span4][span4]

Animal Control

City of St. Johns ordinances require all dogs within the City limits be licensed and vaccinated. License tags for dogs are $10/year for spayed or neutered dogs and $20/year non-spayed or non-neutered dogs. Each year, a local veterinarian offers a discounted clinic for vaccination of animals.

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Community Programs

Learn about the Police Departments community programs.  VIPS, Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program, and the Ride-Along Program are just a few.

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The City of St. Johns Police Department is accepting applications for sworn (Reserve) Police Officers.  The City of St. Johns is an Equal Opportunity/Americans with Disabilities Act Employer.

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Connect With Us

[row_in][span3][service_box title=”Provide Feedback” icon=”icon4″ text=”Submit an accommodation or complaint.  Your feedback, both good and bad, is valued.  ” btn_size=”normal” icon_link=”/police/our-contacts” target=”_self” custom_class=”service-featured first”][service_box title=”Patch Request” icon=”icon5″ text=”Request one of our patches.  There is a $5 fee for each patch ” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self” icon_link=”/police/our-contacts” custom_class=”service-featured”][/span3][span4][service_box title=”Ride along” icon=”icon6″ text=”The St. Johns Police Department has a ride along program.” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self” icon_link=”/police/community-programs/” custom_class=”service-featured first”][service_box title=”Records Request” icon=”icon7″ text=”If you are requesting records please fill out this form and return it to the police department. Please allow reasonable time for the records request to be processed.” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self” icon_link=”https://www.stjohnsaz.gov/public-records-request/” custom_class=”service-featured”][/span4][/row_in][/vr][/span8][/row]

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